Get involved and direct 2% to Euromonitor Foundation for Excellence! By voluntarily redirecting 2% of the tax you had paid for your wages in 2018, you could support the activities of Euromonitor Foundation for Excellence. Please take a few minutes to complete the form and submit it by the 25th of the May 2019. The accepted forms are: Form 230 (for salaries) or Form 200 (if you had other type of income except salary). Our datails are as follows: EUROMONITOR FOUNDATION FOR EXCELLENCE The tax identification code: 27471280 Non-profit entity Bank Account Number (IBAN) RO80BRDE445SV38681184450 e-mail: ATTENTION

  • If you do not know the proper amount of 2% of the tax, you may leave the box blank, as cf. 84, paragraph 3 of the Tax Code, “… the competent fiscal body has the obligation to calculate, withhold and remit the amount up to 2% of the tax…”
  • The form needs to be completed by hand in two copies, one of which remains to the taxpayer. Please submit the form directly to the Public Finance or send it by e-mail/post to the Public Finance Administration address. /li>