Euromonitor Foundation for Excellence, supported by MC AD Agency, announces the continuation of European Scholarships for Journalism program with the launch edition 2014-2015.

European Scholarships for Journalists is a program to encourage and facilitate professional training and is open to journalists who wish to gain professional expertise in European issues. This program helps participants to deepen their understanding of topics related to EU regulatory framework, institutions function, the contact between Member States and the manner in which European issues by the Western media.

At the 2014-2015 edition we are expected to apply to European Scholarships program, the journalists in media, radio, TV and online, specialized in social, political and economic sector, jurnalists from Romania and from Moldova.

More information: European Scholarships – Starting Edition 2014-2015

The deadline for submitting application files is 10th of October 2014 (inclusive), all applications should contain the mention <<For European Scholarships>> Download Application file 2014–2015.

The application will be submitted to Ad Media Consult Ltd
Address: Str. Hero Iancu Nicolae, no.103, villa I-2 Voluntari, Ilfov county, postal code 077190: Contact: Irina Apostle, Mobile: +40 721201559, Fax: +40 0318172768, e-mail:

The file with documentation will be sent also to:

For further details please contact the Euromonitor Foundation for Excellence at: Calea Floreasca. 167, 4th floor, sector 1, Bucharest; Contact: Andra Dimitriu – Project Manager, Mobile: +40 751010698, e-mail: