Euromonitor Foundation for Excellence, supported by MC AD Agency, proudly announces the new edition of the JTI European Scholarships for Journalists programme, 2012-2013.

JTI European Scholarships for Journalists is a programme that encourages and facilitates professional training and is open to journalists who wish to gain professional expertise in European issues.

This programme helps participants to deepen their understanding of topics related to EU regulatory frameworks, institutions’ functions, the contact between Member States and the manner in which European issues are handled by the Western media.

For the edition of 2012-2013, we are eagerly inviting media, radio, TV and online media journalists, specialised in areas covering the social, political and economic sectors. From a regional perspective, we welcome journalists from Romania and the Republic of Moldova.

For more information, please review JTI European Scholarships – The Launch of the 2012-2013 Edition.

The deadline for submitting applications is 10th of October 2011 (inclusive); all applications should contain the mention < < For JTI European Scholarships >> Download the application form here: 2012-2013 Application form.