PeaceWomen Across the Globe, previously known as 1000 PeaceWomen, is an organization based in Bern, Switzerland that aims to increase the visibility of women promoting peace all over the world. In August 2016, Mrs Cristina Vasiloiu was recognised as one of the one million PeaceWomen of the World.

Cristina Vasiloiu is a leading authority on Romania and Central & Eastern Europe, advising companies on building successful strategies for these and other emerging markets and also acting as mentor for top managers on Leadership and Professional Development.

Her reputation has been developed from over two decades advising the region’s largest corporations both as a writer and presenter of business intelligence. Based in UK and Romania, she is the founder and president of the Monitor Group (global business and economic advisory), directing the Group programmes in region and providing corporate service – advisory for regional executives running mainly Central Eastern Europe. Cristina spent almost two decades advising CEOs and top managers of multinationals on politics and governance, economic and business issues as well as on leadership and professional development and gender equality, acting as a mentor and a coach for them.

She represented The Economist Conferences and organized the Government Roundtables business. She chairs senior business-to-government dialogues with some hundred government and Parliament representatives both in Romania and Republic of Moldova. Cristina is also a senior journalist, her TV programme, Euromonitor, dealing with Euro-Atlantic integration of Romania being one of the most appreciated talk-shows on this topic. She lectures on Public Speaking at the National Institute of Magistracy in Romania, on HR Management in Albania, and on Women’s Rights and Media and Health in Croatia and is author of the book The Electoral Machinery (2008)

Cristina was educated in Romania and UK and is a graduate in Computers Sciences and in Journalism. She is alumna of the UK-based Tavistock Institute for Human Relations and full member of The Chatham House – The Royal Institute of International Affairs.