The European Scholarships for Journalists are an educational programme that is designed to encourage and facilitate the professional development of journalists who wish to specialise on European issues. This programme helps its participants truly understand all EU specific areas of interest, policies and regulations, the roles and functions of its institutions, the relationships between member states as well as the western media’s approach to the EU in general.

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This programme is addressed to all journalists in Romania and the Republic of Moldova, from the digital and traditional media space and who have already proven themselves in their main areas of journalistic specialisation: Politics, Economy, Culture and Society. They also need to meet the following criteria:

  • Candidates must have over three years’ work experience
  • They must be under 35 years old
  • They must have a strong command of English (French would be a plus too)

The application file consists of:

  • The candidate’s CV
  • The current edition’s application form (applications not yet open)

A short history of the programme

The European Scholarships for Journalists was launched in 2007, in the same year when Romania joined the European Union. This programme came as a logical continuation of an internship programme that was initiated by the National Forum Foundation/Freedom House back in the 90s, with the aid of the US Government.

The European Scholarships for Journalists consists of three main stages of professional training:

  • a specialised training in Romania, ran and tutored by European relations specialists;
  • a one week study trip to Brussels, during which the journalists would have the chance to meet EU officials and build a network;
  • a three week industrial placement in a prestigious European media organisation;

From 2010 onwards, The European Scholarships for Journalists are organised by the Euromonitor Foundation for Excellence and as of 2011 this programme was extended to the Republic of Moldova and has seen an impressive growth in the number of participants year on year. From the very beginning, the aim of this programme was to come support the advancement of knowledge and professional abilities of the Romanian journalists, through direct exposure to the reality of the developed democracies, immersion in various multicultural environments and specialised professional training, initially in the United States and then in Brussels.